Circit is built for accountants and auditors to automate bank confirmation requests and verify the trusted source in every business transaction. Over 1,500 evidence providers such as AIB and Bank of Ireland, Danske, hundreds of solicitors, funds, debtors and creditors use the Circit platform to respond to requests.  All with the objective of verifying assets and liabilities faster and more seamlessly than ever before.

Regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and FCA, Circit allows auditors and accountants to independently verify assets at source in real-time. Forming a stronger foundation of audit evidence and reducing the risk of fraud. Within Circit, audit and accountancy teams of all sizes automate confirmations, obtain bank transactions independently, securely collaborate with clients and digitally sign any legal document.

Circit is launching a new solution, Verified Analytics to facilitate a wider scope of audit testing and forensics, conducting tests to assess cash insights and going concern as well as revenue completeness and debtors’ recoverability. To find out more, please contact nicola@circit.io.